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Spa at Arbutus Services

Arbutus Bliss

This package includes Brow Tint and Lash Tint, Brazillian Wax and an Express Pedicure.
90 minutes, $135

Arbutus Deluxe

Includes a Guinot Hydradermie Deluxe facial and a Mani and Pedi Deluxe.
180 minutes, $270

Smoothie Body Glow

Sneak away with a mineral-rich rejuvenating experience, begin with a full body milk and honey crystal exfoliation, followed by a moisturizing warm milk & honey body wrap. While cocooned, enjoy your choice of either a hydrating mini facial or Moroccanoil hair treatment. For extra hydration, a relaxing body butter is applied afterwards.

90 minutes, $180

Body Scrub

For those who are constantly on the go, you’ll only need 30 minutes. Stimulate your senses with a gentle milk and honey body scrub and melt away muscle tension with an ultra-hydrating body butter application.

30 minutes, $100  

St. Tropez™ Sunless Tan

The St.Tropez Tan Treatment gives you a fast, safe, and flawless tan, now with Aromaguard™ fragrance technology which eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%. The tan is applied and tailored by an expert. Treatment includes St. Tropez Gommage as a skin exfoliant, followed by St. Tropez tanning mousse/lotion application.

Full Body (45 minutes) $120
Full Leg (30 minutes) $80
Half Leg (15 minutes) $60

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Ultra hydration for any hair type – including colour-treated hair. Let us help you relax with our oil scalp massage.

30 minutes, $55

Nutrition Relaxing Body Treatment

This service is a nourishment treatment for the body with nourishing oil and essence oils to relax body and mind

Treatment Value: 60 minutes $120

Make Up Application

60 minutes $90


provides an unparalleled advantage in the treatment room. Their products provide a fully personalized treatment experience to help clients achieve their best skin ever.

Express Facial
Gives your skin a radiant appearance in just 30 minutes.
30 minutes, $70

Back Facial
This treatment [word] the skin on your back, making it hydrated and smooth.
60 minutes, $100

Teen Facial
A treatment suitable for young and sensitive skin.
60 minutes, $90

Sport Facial
This facial is customized for men's skin giving it a youthful and fresh look.
60 minutes, $120

A superior facial with an international reputation.

An exclusive Guinot treatment to make your skin look and feel brand new. Monthly maintenance is recommended for the clearest and most radiant results. Suitable for all skin types


Hydradermie Facial Plus

With added treatment serums for delicate areas such as the eyes, lips, neck and décolleté.

60 minutes, $150

Hydradermie Lift

A non-surgical face-lift. New treatment to give fresh definition and stimulate muscles to lift, firm and minimize lines.

60 minutes, $150

Hydradermie Eye Lift

Non surgical eye-lifting and firming treatment.

30 minutes, $75

Hydradermie Deluxe

The ultimate combination of our Hydradermie Facial and Hydralift treatments.

90 minutes, $180

Guinot Detoxigene

This treatment is raccomanded to detoxify the skin from the pollution, seasonal change and  after holidays, preapering the skin to other tretments.

60 minutes, $150

Guinot Equilibre

To restore balance's skin. after the skin is clear and deep cleansed.

60 minutes, $150

Age Summum

Treatment includes a dermabrasion exfoliating cream, regenerating anti-aging serum, Age Summum facial massage, and an enriched face mask to leave your skin looking youthful.

60 minutes, $150

Lift Summum

This treatment is designed to firm and smooth the delicate skin of the face, neck, and chest (often the first areas to show signs of aging) – offering instant and long-term results. The Lift Summum is fast-acting and removes dead skin cells, redefines the face contour, and restores radiance in just 50 minutes.

60 minutes, $150

+ add massage (15 minutes) $30
+ add time (15 minutes) $25

Gentle Oxygenating Peeling Facials

The facial provides strong oxygenation of tissue, stimulation of the metabolism and cell renewal,  which in turn activates the detoxification of the skin, giving a you a “new skin” feel at the end of each treatment.

This facial can be modified for dry, normal, oily or acne prone skin. The gentle peeling designed to give instant radiance, allowing renewal of the skin, in-depth and surface results. 

60 minutes, $160

Hyaluronic Oxypeeling

Wrinkles, Deep Wrinkles, Recent Scars, Irregular Texture and Intense Dehydration

Spiruline Oxypeeling

Signs of fatigue and loss of vitality. Comforts and soothes sensitive and reactive skin.


* Do not expose yourself to the sun without any protection throughout the oxypeeling treatment


Esthederm Rebalancing Treatment

60 minutes, $130


Soothes sensitive skin and neutralizes micro-inflammations that can cause aging.

Brow Tint 25
LashTint 35
Brow & Lash Package
(Brow Tint, Lash Tint, Brow Shape)
Brow & Lash Tint 50
Brow Waxing 25
Upper Lip & Chin Waxing 25
Upper Leg 50
Lower Leg 40
Full Leg 75
Classic Bikini 40
French Bikini (a little more) 55
Brazilian Bikini (a lot more) 65
Underarm 25
Forearm 30
Upper Arm 30
Full Arm 55
Chest 40
Stomach 35
Face 55
Back 50
Shoulders 30
Add On 15

Eyebrow and Uppder Lip/Chin 40
Bikini and Lower Leg 75
Brazillian and Lower Leg 98
French Bikini and Lower Leg 88
Bikini and Underarm 60
French Bikini and Underarm 75
Braillian and Underarm 85

Bikini 50
French Bikini  65
Brazillian 75
Underarm 30
Add on 18

Back 65
Back and Shoulder 70
Back, Shoulder and Upper Arms 90
Chest 55
Full Leg 90
Upper Leg 60
Lower Leg 55
Stomach 55
Chest and Shoulder 80
Shoulder 40
Chest and Stomach 80
Underarm 30
Polish Change (15 min) 20
Express Manicure (30 min) 35
Classic Manicure (45 min) 45
Deluxe Manicure (60 min) 55
Sports Manicure (30 min) 40
Paraffin (15 min) 15
Add French Polish on Hands or Feet 20
Polish Change (15 min) 20
Express Pedicure (30 min) 45
Classic Pedicure (60 min) 65
Deluxe Pedicure (75 min) 70
Sports Pedicure (45 min) 60
Paraffin (15 min) 20
Guinot Foot Peeling Treatment (45 min) 65
Paraffin Package (30 min) 30
Express Package (60 min) 65
Classic Package (105 min) 90
Deluxe Package (135 min) 110
Sports Package (75 min) 85
French Polish (15 min) 20
Hand or Feet Cut and File 20

+ add french polish on hands or feet (15 minutes) $20 + add paraffin or foot mask (15 minutes) $10
Express Gel Manicure (30 min) 50
Express Gel Pedicure (30 min) 55
Express Gel Manicure and Pedicure (80 min) 90
Classic Gel Manicure (45 min) 60
Classic Gel Pedicure (60 min) 70
Classic Gel Manicure & Pedicure (105 min) 115
Gel Removal Add On (15 min) 15
Gel Removal 20

Kids Twinkle Toes Pedicure (30 min) 30
Kids Twinkle Manicure (30 min) 30
Kids Twinkle Manicure/Pedicure Package (60 min) 50
Kids Add On Gel (15 min) 10

* Youth under the age of 18 should be accompanied to the Spa at Arbutus by an adult.

Spa Etiquette

Spa at Arbutus is for your relaxation and rejuvenation. To maintain this environment, we ask that our Members are respectful of other Members’ privacy. Please speak softly and turn your cell phones off during your time in the Spa. If there is anything we can do to make your visit more stress-free, please do not hesitate to ask.


24 hours notice is required when cancelling a Spa appointment. There will be a 100% charge to your Member account if you fail to notify us directly via 604.269.8772 or All no-show appointments will be charged in full. This courtesy enables us to schedule an appointment with another Member. Thank you for your understanding.

Should I avoid any spa services if I’m pregnant?

There are many services you can choose from that are safe to receive during your pregnancy. You do want to avoid deep tissue massage pressure, heat and some essential oils.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at least five minutes prior to your appointment time to maximize your experience. We regret that late arrivals will not receive an extension of scheduled appointment times.

Should I take my jewelry off?

Please do not bring valuables to the Spa. We are not responsible for lost items.

What should I wear when I come in for my service?

Be comfortable. We supply disposable undergarments, robes and gowns. Your Spa service provider is professionally trained to drape appropriately to protect your privacy. For pedicure appointments, please bring plain flip flops.

Gifts, Cash Cards and Retail Items

Cash cards can be purchased from the Spa, Club Reception, or The Shoppe. Spa services or monetary denomination are available. Special gift packages can also be arranged. Please call us for any requests. Retail products are available for purchase at the Spa and The Shoppe. For your convenience, we are pleased to leave items at Club Reception for you to pick up.

Booking Appointments

Spa appointments are made by calling the Spa at 604.269.8772 (8SPA). We require 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid charges. Appointments are billed to Member accounts. Massage appointments are made through Club Reception at 604.266.7166.

Can I bring guests?

Yes, Non-members are now welcome at the Spa. As we are a ‘no-cash’ Spa, service and product charges will be applied to the Member’s account.