Member Health Declaration and Policy Compliance Form - COVID-19

We kindly ask that this form is completed prior to YOUR INITIAL VISIT to The Arbutus Club.
Failure to do so prior to arrival will result in denial of access to the Club. The Club appreciates your cooperation. We are permitting particular activities based on the assurances members make to the Club and to each other in this document. Accordingly, any false statements could result in legal liability to the member or the Club. As you are all aware, COVID-19 can be transmitted by asymptomatic people and accordingly the statements made by members contained in this document cannot provide certainty that the virus will not be transmitted. The Club is taking prudent steps to impose and enforce appropriate protocols to keep members safe, but there can be no assurance that the virus will not be contracted by others. This is a risk that each member must assess themselves, and if they choose to play, to take the risk of either contracting COVID-19 or transmitting it to others.